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Terms of use

The Terms of Use obliges the user of Finded to respect each point presented below, therefore it is requested to read the document with understanding. Furthermore, by registering to the application, each user agrees to the Terms of Use. If the user does not agree to the Terms of Use, he is not vested with the right to use the service offered by Finded.
Attention! Each user of the application relinquishes a right to join a class-action lawsuit.

  1. People eligible to use Finded
  2. People under the age of eighteen are forbidden to use the service offered by the application. By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the user claims to respect the document. The user declares that he/she:
    • Is able to conclude a binding arrangement with Finded.
    • Has not been sentenced for sex offence.
    • Will adhere to the Terms of Use and all existing laws, regulations as well as local, state, domestic and international rules.
  3. The rights granted by Finded
  4. Each user, by accepting the Terms of Use is provided with a right to use Finded as well as all features offered by the application and pledges not to copy, modify, distribute or sell the product unless being given our written approval.
  5. The rights granted by the user of Finded
  6. The services offered by the application enable users to create content that he/she has rights to. However, by accepting the Terms of Use the user grants Finded the license to use and convert this content. The data shared by the users might be gathered in order to enhance the product and all the services connected with Finded. Moreover, each user gives permission to review, delete, modify content that infringes the Terms of Use. Users are given an opportunity to provide Finded’s workers with feedback. Nevertheless, always should they be aware of the fact that the information could be used with no compensation for their advice.
  7. The creation of content
  8. Users are forbidden to create offensive and aggressive content, which exhorts to commit crimes or other actions illegal in a country, where the application is used. Content added by users can be modified or deleted without stating clear purpose.
  9. Content created by other users
  10. Content created by users or third parties may be reviewed by the moderators of the application, although do not have to. Finded does not bear responsibility for content published by users but reserves the right to analyse, modify and delete the data added by people. Despite the users being obliged to respect the Terms of Use, Finded can not guarantee that the content created by them is legitimate.
  11. Privacy
  12. The users by accepting the Terms of Use agree with our Privacy Policy. Each user is obliged to become acquainted with the Privacy Policy on account of it enabling Finded to gather user data and using it to improve the quality of the product.
  13. Security
  14. Our main goal is to provide users with a very high security level. However, Finded does not bear responsibility for its users’ behaviours and actions. User by accepting the Terms of Use states that he/she is aware of the dangers that getting to know new people using the Internet entails and waives the right to any legal claims that may be caused by being inflicted damage by another user. We endeavour to provide users with security and reported accounts might be verified and deleted from the platform.
  15. Profile and user account
  16. By creating an account on Finded application, the user accepts the Terms of Use and declares to be fully responsible for content created and all actions from his/her account. In order to prevent having an account stolen, the user should establish a strong password, which is not used for other accounts. Additionally, the user claims that he/she:
    • Will not share his/her password.
    • Will not create more than one account.
    • Will not create an account when his/her previous one was blocked by Finded’s team.
    • Will only be logging to the application by using the official Finded platform.
    W przypadku podejrzenia kradzieży konta użytkownik powinien niezwłocznie powiadomić zespół techniczny.
  17. The services offered by the application
  18. In order to enhance the application, we reserve the right to add or delete Finded’s features without prior informing the user society about the change. Finded’s activity can be suspended at any time without stating the purpose of such action or informing users about it. It also means that Finded’s moderators are allowed to modify or delete accounts at any time.
  19. Release of liability
  20. The user by accepting the Terms of Use agrees for protecting Finded and all its members from any complaints, charges, legal claims, damages, costs, receivables and expenses related to Finded’s user’s actions. Finded disclaims the responsibility for all damages caused by users who were/are not respecting the Terms of Use or who were/are using the application for a different purpose than it was created for (i.e. which violates Finded’s Terms of Use).
  21. Disclaimer
  22. We endeavour to provide FInded’s users with highest-quality services, however, we can not guarantee that all users will respect the Terms of Use. Finded does not guarantee the quality of offered services as well as does not bear the responsibility for its users’ actions. Finded does not guarantee that all the services offered will be safe. Hence, you use the application on your own responsibility and you waive the right to any legal claims that were caused when using Finded. Finded does not bear the responsibility for the content published by its users and can not guarantee that it will respect the Terms of Use. The user is aware of the dangers that the usage of the service might entail. Using Finded is not obligatory, therefore unless the user is aware of dangers connected with getting to know people online, he/she shall not use the application.
  23. Privacy policy
  24. The application’s foundation is the user’s location. By creating an account, each user agrees to share their name, password, date of birth and their location for the duration of using Finded. All the data gathered about the user is put on an encrypted cloud and is not shared to third parties.