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First Steps

In the registration process add nick and password . Write also your name - it will be visible on every map tag. Also, fill in your profile (photo, sex, age and optionally a description). Then, choose your own search criteria, category (e.g. meeting) and start meeting new people!

Going Online

After clicking the "go online" button, you will see a map.

Online Map
The green circle shows the search range of people, who suit your previously chosen requirements. In the bottom-right corner there is a label with a number of people nearby. If it's clicked, you are able to see these users' profiles. Each person can be either accepted, or rejected, in Finded it is all up to you!

After being accepted from both sides, users can share their localisations with each other. Moreover, an access is given to a chat and you can add meeting tag on the map or see again the other person's profile. When both users are very close to each other, their phones vibrate.
Unfortunately, the app can not run in the background on account of the fact that a user is not visible to others at that moment.


By using Finded, you're provided with an opportunity to add a tag on an especially created tags map in order to announce something. For instance, if you want to inform Finded society about an event, a promotion in your venue (bar, club etc.) or ask whether someone found your lost wallet, adding a tag might be extremely useful.


If you have any questions connected with the usage of FINDED, do not hesitate to contact us via email or social media. We are there for you and it is our pleasure to provide you with the necessary help. The constant progress is our main objective, hence any piece of advice in terms of how to enhance the application is welcome.